The First Snap-Fit Handbook

Creating and Managing Attachments for Plastics Parts
3. Auflage. 2016. Buch. 412 S. Hardcover
Hanser Publications ISBN 978-1-56990-595-1
Format (B x L): 19,7 x 24,6 cm
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The 'system level' knowledge and design skills needed to create good snap-fit interfaces existed in the minds of self-taught snap-fit experts but was not captured in the literature.

New designers of plastic parts wishing to use snap-fit had nowhere to turn unless they were fortunate enough to have access to an experienced snap-fit designer. This book organizes and presents all design aspects of snap-fits with an emphasis on the systems level thinking required to create world-class attachments. Beginning, as well as experienced, product designers will find the information they need to develop snap-fits more efficiently and avoid many common snap-fit problems.

The third edition has been thoroughly revised to include new case histories and applications. The text has been extensively rewritten for clarity and user-friendliness and there are many new figures with expert explanations.

Target Group:
Plastic product designers and developers; students involves with plastic product design
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