Bondi / Fewell

Practitioner Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy: The Power of Examples

2016. Buch. 248 S. Softcover
PALGRAVE ISBN 978-1-137-39029-5
Format (B x L): 14.1 x 21.9 cm
Gewicht: 331 g
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In this thought-provoking text, Liz Bondi and Judith Fewell invite practitioners to move away from an approach to research that depends upon distance and objectification, and towards a method centred on practical wisdom developed through intense exploration of the lived experience of therapeutic relationships.

Following a close examination of the flaws of dominant approaches to research in the field, the book provides a richly detailed exploration of a diverse range of subjective experiences, from both practitioners and clients.

Written by a collection of authors with a wealth of experience in practice and academia, this insightful and evocative text will inspire anyone undertaking research in this field - be they students, educators or practitioners.

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