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Communications and Networking in China

1st International Business Conference, Chinacombiz 2008, Hangzhou China, August 2008, Revised Selected Papers

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2009. Buch. x, 110 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-642-00204-5

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ChinacomBiz 2008 was the first international business-to-business (B2B) conference held in collaboration with the Chinacom scientific event in Hangzhou, China, on August 28. It was specifically tailored to produce more effective dialogue between the research, technology and business communities on technical developments in China and around the world. The event had industry support via well-know industry names such as the WIFI Alliance, Springer, CREATE-NET and Arris. The main focus of the event was on transport networks and infrastructures, video distribution systems and methods and the associated software systems that tie them all together. A total of 24 authors submitted their papers and a final 11 registrations were accepted. It was an excellent start to the B2B program and feedback was positive from all attendees. The presentations this year originated from the USA, Denmark, Germany, Brazil and of course China, providing the audience with a wide variety of topics and persp- tives in all the three categories mentioned above. The presentations from the event are available for download from the website itself (see Next year’s event is already being planned and it will again be collocated with the Chinacom scientific event. We look forward to having another great interaction with science, business and technology from a China perspective. August 2008 Patrick Bond


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