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Adolf Bastian: Ausgewählte Werke in 9 Bänden

Bd. 4. Die heilige Sage der Polynesier
Leipzig 1881. Reprint: Hildesheim 2006. Buch. XIII, 304 S. Hardcover
Olms ISBN 978-3-487-13126-9
Format (B x L): 12 x 20 cm
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Although Adolf Bastian was the founder of ethnology in Germany, he was for many years a forgotten figure. As a result of growing interest in the history of 19th-century scholarship and in the origins of the discipline, several studies of Bastian’s work have appeared in recent years.
The discipline which Bastian conceived as “the science of man” was decidedly modern in ist questions and methods. For example, Bastian was the first to define ethnology as a science which studies cultural evidence as distinct from physical anthropology. Bastian sought models for the explanation of similarities and differences between cultures which reduced the familiar differentiation between “primitive” and “civilised” ad absurdum. Understanding society as an organism, he used models from nature to enable recognition of the “laws of [ist] organic development”.
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