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Bolis / Zadunaisky / Gilles

Toxins, Drugs, and Pollutants in Marine Animals

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2011. Buch. xii, 196 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-642-69905-4

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The importance of toxins and other phanuacologically active com­ pounds obtained from marine animals cannot be emphasized enough. The use of these chemicals for defense or attack of other life fonus are of interest in themselves; however, they are of great importance in our understanding of their mechanisms of action in view of possible application in the defense of man (no doubt a predator) and in biol­ ogy and medicine. The toxin of the flat fish Pardachirus presented in some of the papers of this book is an example of a defense mechanism based on secretion of a toxin that could possibly be extended to being used to defend man himself from sharks, the marine predators par ex­ cellence. August, 1984 J. ZADUNAISKY Preface The study of toxins, drugs, and pollutants in the marine environment, and their impact on human life existed already in Babylon and Assyria, Egypt, Persia, India, China, Japan, Greece, Rome and South America. Nevertheless, less is known about ethnic marine biology than about ethnobotany. Only recently however, have active biotoxins been used as molecular probes in neuropharmacology, offering intriguing new insights into nervous activity and muscular functions. It is clear from the presentations at this meeting that much remains to be done, and certainly new, more pharmacologically oriented find­ ings lie ahead.


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