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Bogo / Vayda

The Practice of Field Instruction in Social Work

Theory and Process

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1998. Buch. 288 S. Softcover

Columbia University Press. ISBN 978-0-231-11319-9

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Social work professionals generally agree that one of the most critical components of the learning process for a practitioner in training is field education, and that the field instructor has the greatest influence on a student's approaching career. In Marion Bogo and Elaine Vayda's text, field instructors will find a model for pedagogy based on the authors' many years of experience both in field and classroom environments.

Now in its second edition--completely revised and updated--The Practice of Field Instruction in Social Work remains the only volume specifically intended for use by field instructors. Bogo and Vayda address how the teaching professional can systematically address the critical societal, organizational, psycho-social, and interactive components of social work practice. They discuss all phases of the field educator's work, from student orientation to assessment and contracting, from shepherding students' learning processes to evaluating their work. In addition, they bring to the table the many practical concerns that affect today's teaching professional, including the uses and abuses of the instructor-student relationship, ethical issues, and working with students where differences in age, ethnicity, gender, or disability may be important considerations.

This book also includes eight teaching modules, each one a complete curriculum with numerous examples and exercises, for use by field coordinators in the seminar setting and by field instructors. Throughout the modules, Bogo and Vayda present a wealth of case examples drawn from their teaching experience and that of others who have applied their highly effective pedagogical framework.


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