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High Energy Astrophysics

Supernovae, Remnants, Active Galaxies, Cosmology

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2012. Buch. IX, 281 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-642-73562-2

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The second workshop on High Energy Astrophysics of the Ma.x-Planck-Society and the Academia Sinica was held at Ringberg Castle near Tegernsee during the week July 12-July 17, 1987. It is the purpose of these workshops to en­ courage the exchange of ideas between German and Chinese astrophysicists (scientists from other countries are also welcome, of course), and the pleas­ ant atmosphere and surroundings of Ringberg Castle certainly helped the development of relaxed and stimulating discussions. In addition, we seemed to have picked out the one week of perfect weather during a rainy summer. Thanks are due to Mr. Hormann and his staff for creating a perfect infra­ structure. The proceedings have required a considerable amount of editing, and I hope that all the papers are comprehensible. Thanks are due to Miss Petra Berkemeyer and Miss Hannelore Muller, who patiently retyped several manu­ scripts and helped with other editing jobs. I did not feel that a sharp refer­ eeing procedure should be done, although I do not agree with all the papers in this volume. The interested reader will find that this book gives a fair account of the present status of Chinese activities in the field of high energy astrophysics, i.e. in supernova physics, accretion onto compact objects, active galaxies, and cosmology.


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