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Die Bach-Quellen in Wien und Alt-Österreich: Katalog

von Christine Blanken, unter Mitarbeit von Marko Motnik (Wien). Band 1.

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2011. 2011. Buch. 544 S. Softcover

Olms. ISBN 978-3-487-14422-1

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Leipziger Beiträge zur Bachforschung; 10


In the musically Viennese-influenced lands of the former Austrian empire, a surprising number of source materials can be found for the study of Bach. This catalogue offers descriptions of over 1800 identified sources. Czech, Slovak and Hungarian copies and Bachiana from Austrian monasteries are catalogued in the same detail as sources currently held in Viennese libraries but only acquired by them in the 20th century. Conversely, the catalogue takes into account Viennese sources which are today owned by institutions elsewhere (notably in Berlin): a source puzzle which involves historical catalogues of copyists’ workshops, publishers and private owners, as well as letters and printed copies of works by the Bach family from (former) Austrian libraries.
The catalogue is conceived as a tool for ongoing reception studies, providing a deeper knowledge of sources for Bach reception in Austria between 1740 and 1850, which have until now been known only in outline. Sources for the music of Bach’s sons play at least as great a role hers as those for the father’s works. The standard of description includes descriptions of watermarks, handwriting studies, facsimiles and a comprehensive index.


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