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An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon England

Introduction by Simon Keynes

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3rd edition 2003. Buch. 420 S. Hardcover

Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-0-521-83085-0

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This is a lucid, authoritative and well-balanced account of Anglo-Saxon history. The third edition includes an introduction by Simon Keynes. Between the end of the Roman occupation and the coming of the Normans, England was settled by Germanic races; the kingdom as a political unit was created, heathenism yielded to a vigorous Christian Church, superb works of art were made, and the English language - spoken and written - took its form. These origins of the English heritage are Hunter Blair's subject. The first two chapters survey Anglo-Saxon England: its wars, its invaders, its peoples and its kings. The remaining chapters deal with specific aspects of its culture: its Church, government, economy and literary achievement. Throughout the author uses illustrations and a wide range of sources - documents, archaeological evidence and place names - to illuminate the period as a whole. For this edition, Simon Keynes has prepared a thoroughly updated bibliography.


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