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Limnological Methods for Environmental Rehabilitation

The Fine Art of Restoring Aquatic Ecosystems

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Buch. Hardcover


381 S. 17 s/w-Tabelle, 489 Statistiken.

In englischer Sprache

E. Schweizerbart. ISBN 978-3-510-65292-1

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Lakes and wetlands, ecologically impaired to various degrees by pollution and exploitation are a sad reality not only in Europe, but around the globe.
But wait: Ecological restoration of these ecosystems is possible! Sven Björk, the pioneer and long-time practitioner of ecological lake restoration describes well-illustrated, practical examples (before and after) of the restoration of different types of damaged aquatic ecosystems and discusses tailor-made approaches to rehabilitate their individual ecological structure and functions. The crucial importance of the relationship between catchment area and the associated lake/wetland in selecting the “right” approach and thus successful restoration is pointed out and discussed.
Reference cases of restoration projects on lakes and wetlands at different latitudes and altitudes all over the globe are described and discussed, including such cases where ecological restoration was carried out by contractors, with more and sometimes less success. All experience indicates the need of skilled limnologists and other ecologists to guide such procedures from inception to conclusion, to reach the final aim of restoring a sustainably functioning ecosystem.
Experience and knowledge gained in restoration projects, on the processes and approaches that transform turbid green, cyanobacteria-infested lakes into blue waters or how drained, subsiding marshes are converted into wetlands of high biodiversity turn experienced ecologists into specialists in demand in research and administration.
The feeling of exultation that follows the observation that an aquatic ecosystem – degraded by man – finally has been restored to “normal“ life, definitely motivates the classification of this kind of applied ecology as an activity of the Fine Arts.
Björk’s instructive book is aimed both at administrators seeking approaches and help to fix ailing aquatic systems and also at aquatic ecologists interested in designing tailor-made methods for restoring, monitoring and documenting the results of eco-medical operations on lakes and wetlands.

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