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Biosphere Origin and Evolution

2008 2007. eBook , eBook. PDF

Springer-Verlag GmbH. ISBN 978-0-387-68656-1

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This monograph contains articles based on the oral presentations given at the International Workshop on the Bioshphere Origin and Evolution (BOE 2005) held in Novosibirsk, Russia, June 26-29, 2005. The organizers of the event was the Scientific Programme of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences The Biosphere Origin and Evolution, which involves 50 institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. TOC:Preface.- Problems of Biosphere Evolution and Origin of Life.- Early Stages of Life Origin and Evolution .- Microbial Biosphere .- Prebiological Stages of Evolution and Rna World on the Earth and in the Space .- Astrocatalysis Hypothesis for Origin of Life Problem .- Comets, Carbonaceous Meteorites, and the Origin of the Biosphere.- Hierarchical Scale-Free Representation of Biological Realm, Its Origin and Evolution.- The Prebiotic Phase of the Origin of Life as it is Seen by A Physical Chemist.- Prebiotic Carbohydrates and their Derivates.- Theoretical and Computer Modeling of Evolution of Autocatalytic Systems in A Flow Reactor.- Rna World: First Steps Towards Functional Molecules.- Trans Hammerhead Ribozyme: Ligation vs. Cleavage.- Paradoxical Bistate Status of A Prebiotic Microsystem: Universal Predecessor of Life.- Archaen-Proterozoic Ecosystems: Their Interaction And Contemporary Analogous.- The Ancient Anoxic Biosphere was not as We Know it.- Evolutionary Aspects of Geochemical Activity of Microbial Mats in Lakes and Hydrotherms of Baikal Rift Zone.- On the Concept for The Organization of the Modern Biosphere in the Terrestrial Subsurface.- Biomineralization and Evolution. Coevolution of Mineral and Biological Worlds.- Visualization of the Silicon Biomineralization in Cyanobacteria, Sponges and Diatoms.- Transformational Changes in Argillaceous Minerals Due to Cyanobacteria.- Coevolution of Geological and Biological Events in Phanerozoe.- Ecological Revolution Through Ordovician Biosphere (495-435 Ma Ages): Start of the Coherent Life Evolution.- Ecosystem's and Molecular-Genetic Factors of Organism Evolution.- Evolution by Gene Duplications: From the Origin of the Genetic Code to the Human Genome.- Evolution of the Translation Termination System in Eukaryotes.- The Hedgehog Signaling Cascade System: Evolution and Functional Dynamics.- Approaches to the Resolution of Contradictions Between Phylogenetic Systems Based on Paleontological and Comparative Biochemical Data.- Chromosomes and Speciation.- Biotic Turnover in Superorganism Systems: Several Principles of Establishment and Sustenance (Theoretical Analysis, Debatable Issues).- Chromosomes and Continents.- Biosphere and Human Being.- Genetic Landscape of the Central Asia and Volga-Ural Region.- Problems of Reconstruction of Paleoenvironment and Conditions of the Habitability of the Ancient Man by the Example of Northwestern Altai.- The Settling of the Ancient Man by the Example of North-Western Altay.- Evolutionary History of Wheats - The Main Cereal of Mankind.- Author's Index.


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