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Bergamini / Silvi

Applied Photochemistry

When Light Meets Molecules

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Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2016 2018. Buch. vi, 533 S. 292 s/w-Abbildungen, 193 Farbabbildungen, 147 Farbtabellen, Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-81092-8

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Lecture Notes in Chemistry; 92


This monograph features what happens when light meets molecules. This edited volume contains contributions from an international array of contributors, and it is divided into sections representing a selection of carefully focussed and connected photochemistry topics: energy, technology, medicine, environmental sciences, and art. In each section one or more chapters illustrates relevant aspects of each field, such as artificial photosynthesis and solar energy conversion (energy), light emitting devices and photochromic dyes (technology), and photodynamic therapy and solar filters (medicine). Aimed at students of all levels and researchers active in photochemistry. Applied Photochemistry: When Light Meets Molecules provides an exciting journey through some of the most important current and prospective applications of photoactive molecular systems (Prof Alberto Credi, Università di Bologna)


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