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Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology

4 Volume Set

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1. Auflage 2009. Buch. 3188 S. Hardcover

WILEY. ISBN 978-0-471-75477-0

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The Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology is an authoritative new work whose goal is to illuminate the crucial role of chemistry and chemical techniques in the life sciences. The encyclopedia will adopt an inclusive editorial approach, encompassing fundamental and blue-sky science as well as those areas of research that have more immediate medical or commercial applications. The scope and structure of the work will reflect the multidimensional character of chemical biology, focusing in particular on the fundamental science of biological structures and systems, the use of chemical and biological techniques to elucidate that science, and the applications of this knowledge in areas as diverse as drug discovery, sensor technology, and catalysis.

Major topics areas covered in the encyclopedia:
* Chemical Views of Biology
* Biomolecules within the Cell
* Chemistry of Biological Processes and Systems
* Chemical Biology of Cellular Compartments
* Synthetic Molecules as Tools for Chemical Biology
* Technologies and Techniques in Chemical Biology
* Applications of Chemical Biology


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