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Paediatric Endocrinology in Clinical Practice

Proceedings of the Royal College of Physicians’ Paediatric Endocrinology Conference held in London 20–21 October 1983

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This book is made up of 16 papers delivered during the Paediatric Conference convened by the Royal College of Physicians of London on 20th and 21st October 1983. The main intention of the conference was to allow each contributor to deliver a personal review of his own field, indicating recent develop­ ments and current practice. This volume, representing the proceedings of that meeting, is not intended as a comprehensive textbook of paedi­ atric endocrinology but rather as a series of personal narratives. I wish to express my thanks to the Chairmen, who so ably stimulated discussion, and to Miss Gillian Andrew, Conference Secretary of the Royal College of Physicians, and her colleagues, for providing invalu­ able help in the organization of the conference. I am also grateful to the staff ofMTP Press Limited for their help in producing the book. A. Aynsley-Green IX LIST OF CHAIRMEN Professor R. Hoffenburg PRCP Dr D. I. Johnston MD FRCP President Queen's Medical Centre Royal College of Physicians Nottingham London Dr D. A. Price FRCP Royal Manchester Children's Professor J. W. Farquhar MD FRCP(Ed) Hospital Department of Child Life and Health Pendlebury University of Edinburgh Manchester Edinburgh Dr P. H. W. Rayner FRCP Dr C. C. Forsyth MD FRCP Institute of Child Health Department of Child Health University of Birmingham University of Dundee Birmingham Dundee x LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS Dr D. B. Grant MD FRCP Dr J.

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