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Avolio / Vixie

Sendmail: Theory and Practice

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DIGITAL PRESS. ISBN 978-1-55558-127-5

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* Provides 'cookbook recipes' and simplified explanations on how Sendmail works and how to manage a mail system * Examines e-mail and Sendmail by laying ground work and defining key terms * Progresses from the simple to the complex, providing knowledge
essential for both the interested user and the experienced system manager.

Sendmail is the ULTRIX, OSF/1, and BSD UNIX standard mail deliverer; however, Sendmail has been and is still considered by many to be impossible to understand. Sendmail: Theory and Practice explains Sendmail's history, architecture, configuration, and
maintenance. Systems managers wanting to learn how to set-up and maintain their mail system (made up of one or many computers) and interested readers wanting to learn more about electronic mail will find this book beneficial. The book explains how and
why Sendmail does what it does and provides practical advnce about designing and maintaining an electronic mail system. 'You need this book if you run a mail gateway, or if you have a really strong curiosity about how email works.' - C Vu, November 1995

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