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Assessing the Effects of Emerging Plastics on the Environment and Public Health

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IGI Global. ISBN 978-1-79989-723-1


This book assesses harmful effects of plastics on the environment and public health. Risk assessment of plastics is required to evaluate currently available treatment technologies and identify the significance of plastic pollution. This book covers background information concerning plastic pollution in the environment, sources and pathways of plastics, characterization and analysis of plastics in the environment, environmental risks of plastics, public health risk of plastics, life cycle approaches in assessing plastic pollution, preventive measures of plastic pollution, fate and transport of plastics, and summary and outlook. The content of the book focuses on assessment of risks of plastics (including nano- and micro-plastics) released into the environment, and it is designed to educate fundamental aspects of plastic materials, including potential risks to the public health and environment, approaches to assessing their harmful effects, prevention of plastic pollution, and environmentally sound technologies for recycling plastics and/or converting them into renewable energy sources.

Readers, particularly those in the field of toxicology, materials, environmental policy, public health, and water treatment, benefit from this book's content and educational features, in perspectives of providing knowledge in the environmental field, namely the current status and technology developments for avoiding or minimizing plastic contamination, case studies used to assess environmental and public health risks of micro- and nano-plastics, and educational recommendations in resolving issues with global plastic pollution.

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