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Applied Probability and Queues

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2003. Buch. xii, 438 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

Springer. ISBN 978-0-387-00211-8

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This book treats the mathematics of queueing theory and some related - eas, as well as the basic mathematical tools for the study of such models. It thus aims to serve as an introduction to queueing theory, to provide a thorough treatment of tools such as Markov processes, renewal theory, random walks, L´ evy processes, matrix–analytic methods and change of measure, and to treat in some detail basic structures such as the GI/G/1 and GI/G/s queues, Markov–modulated models, queueing networks, and models within the areas of storage, inventory and insurance risk. Within this frameworkthe choice of topics is, however,rather traditional. The aim has been to present what I consider the basic knowledge in the area, not to advocate special directions in which the area is at present developing. The ?rst edition was published in 1987. This second edition incor- rates about 100 extra pages containing an extended treatment of queueing networks and matrix–analytic methods as well as a number of additional topics,inparticularPoisson’sequation,thefundamentalmatrix,insensit- ity, rareevents and extreme values for regenerativeprocesses, Palmtheory, rateconservation,L´ evyprocesses,re?ection,Skorokhodproblems,Loynes’s lemma, Siegmund duality, lighttra?c, heavy tails, the Ross conjecture and ordering, and ?nite bu?er problems.


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