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Real-Time Monitoring of Cancer Cell Metabolism for Drug Testing

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2015. 2015

xiii, 153 S. 32 s/w-Abbildungen, Bibliographien.

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Springer Spektrum. ISBN 978-3-658-10160-2

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Hamed Alborzinia uses the biosensor chip to monitor the metabolic and morphological changes in cancer cell lines in real time, particularly: (i) real-time measurements of basic cancer cell metabolism of different cancer cell lines; (ii) a detailed timeline of the metabolic response to cisplatin treatment and clear detection of the time span between start of cisplatin treatment and onset of cell death, which reflects the time required for the underlying molecular mechanisms of cell fate decision; (iii) direct functional measurement of the biological activity of a key regulatory protein of cellular metabolism following the kinetic change in respiration upon SIRT3 overexpression; and (iv) the time-resolved impact of several organometallic compounds on cell metabolism and cell morphology, including unexpected and not yet understood highly significant and specific effects on cell-cell interaction and adhesion.  Contents - Drug Screening with New Perspectives - Real-Time Monitoring of Living Cells by a Novel Online Biosensor Chip - Anticancer Agents – Effects Measured in Real Time - Metabolism of Cancer Cells  Target Groups - Researchers and students in the fields of biotechnology and pharmacy The Author Hamed Alborzinia graduated in veterinary medicine from Shiraz University (Iran) in 2005 and continued in the Ph.D. program, now as post-Doc, with Prof. Dr. Stefan Wölfl at Heidelberg University (IPMB), using bioanalytical techniques in research on cancer cell metabolism.

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