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Magnesia Cements

From Formulation to Application

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William Andrew Publishing. ISBN 978-0-12-391925-0


There is an urgent need for innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable approaches to reduce the tremendous environmental impact of conventional cement and cement-based technologies. Consuming a significantly lower quantity of natural resources than conventional cements, with the added ability to effectively sequestering carbon, magnesia cements offer great potential in this area. Magnesia Cements: From Formulation to Application explores the latest developments in this exciting area, reviewing the unique properties offered by these cements, including superior strength, fire resistance, and exceptional ability to bond to a wide range of aggregates, and highlighting their potential role in making cement production and usage more sustainable.

Providing detailed analysis of the chemistry, properties, manufacture, and both traditional and novel applications, Magnesia Cements: From Formulation to Application is ideally suited for materials scientists, cement chemists, ceramicists, and engineers involved with the design, development, application and impact assessment of magnesia cements across both academia and industry.

- Provides formulary information research into more environmentally friendly cement systems
- Discusses chemical phase analysis and the impact of formulation
- Applies analysis and history of global uses to provide support for future environmentally stable industrial, building, and non-building applications

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