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Al Nabhani / Khan

Nuclear Radioactive Materials in the Oil and Gas Industry

Safety, Risk Assessment and Management

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William Andrew Publishing. ISBN 978-0-12-816825-7

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Nuclear Radioactive Materials in the Oil and Gas Industry comprehensively discusses the TENORMs generated from various types of oil and gas processes and their associated adverse human health effects, effective TENORM waste management strategies, and the quantitative risk analysis. The book thoroughly investigates current knowledge, addressing the three main gaps identified in available studies: 1) Exposure to radioactivity, 2) High volume waste as a source of radiation exposure, and 3) A lack of uniform, international safety regulations.

This book offers researchers, scientists and graduate and undergraduate students a comprehensive and well-researched reference that covers fundamental concepts, problem identification and solutions development. It is an ideal, comprehensive guideline for professionals involved in the oil and gas and nuclear industries who are concerned about radiological issues.

- Demystifies NORM and TENORM concepts and redefines TENORM from technical and nuclear scientific perspectives
- Addresses statistically representative data of quantitative risk assessment and dynamic accident modeling
- Stresses the need for legislation and consistency of safety standards relating to radiological risks posed by TENORM on health and the environment

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