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Aïtcin / Flatt

Science and Technology of Concrete Admixtures

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Elsevier Science & Technology. ISBN 978-0-08-100693-1

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Science and Technology of Concrete Admixtures presents admixtures from both a theoretical and practical point-of-view. The authors emphasize key concepts that can be used to better understand the working mechanisms of these products by presenting a concise overview on the fundamental behavior of Portland cement and hydraulic binders as well as their chemical admixtures, also discussing recent effects in concrete in terms of rheology, mechanics, durability, and sustainability, but never forgetting the fundamental role played by the water/binder ratio and proper curing in concrete technology.

Part One presents basic knowledge on Portland cement and concrete, while Part Two deals with the chemical and physical background needed to better understand what admixtures are chemically, and through which mechanism they modify the properties of the fresh and hardened concrete. Subsequent sections present discussions on admixtures technology and two particular types of concrete, self-consolidating and ultra-high strength concretes, with final remarks on their future.

- Combines the knowledge of two leading authors to present both the scientific and technology of admixtures
- Explains what admixtures are from a chemical point-of-view and illustrates by which mechanisms they modify the properties of fresh and hardened concrete
- Presents a fundamental, practical, and innovative reference book on the topic
- Contains three detailed appendices that can be used to learn how to use admixtures more efficiently

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