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Sustainable Plant Nutrition

Molecular Interventions and Advancements for Crop Improvement

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Elsevier Science & Technology. ISBN 978-0-443-18675-2


Sustainable Plant Nutrition: Molecular?Interventions and Advancements for Crop Improvement explores the significant opportunities for sustainable or eco-friendly approaches in plant nutrition and agricultural crop production.

Higher plants require a number of essential nutrient elements for completing their life cycles. Mineral nutrients are mainly acquired by roots from the rhizosphere and are subsequently distributed to shoots. Inadequate plant nutrition is one of the major yield-limiting factors, and high agricultural productivity cannot be conceived of without a sufficient nutrient supply of crops. While plants have evolved a set of elaborate mechanisms to cope with nutrient limitations, the traditional supplementation by the application of fertilizers to plant productivity may then lead to overfertilization which can actually reduce plant growth, and have adverse effects on the environment. To tackle these issues, a detailed understanding of the responses of plants to nutrients and nutrient deficiency at the physiological, metabolic, transcriptome, and epigenetic level is essential.

Sustainable Plant Nutrition highlights the various prospects involved in optimizing plant nutrient uptake agriculture. With chapters representing diverse areas dealing with biotechnology, nanotechnology, molecular biology, proteomics, genomics, metabolomics the book is an ideal resource for those seeking to ensure a sustainable plant production future.

- Illustrates the central role of sustainable plant nutrition to address current and future challenges
- Presents global insights representing research ranging from signaling to sensing and translational research
- Provides a forward-looking perspective for future plans of action

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