Adinolfi / Baetens / Caiado / Lupone / Micara

International Economic Law

Contemporary Issues
1st ed. 2017. Buch. xxi, 288 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-319-44644-8
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This volume scrutinises the main challenges faced by States in their current international economic relations from an interdisciplinary perspective. It combines legal research with political and economic analysis and favours dialogue among scientific disciplines. Readers are offered a series of in-depth studies on a rich variety of topics: how to reconcile States’ interest to benefit from economic liberalization with their need to pursue social goals (such as the protection of human rights or of the environment); recent developments under WTO law and regional integration processes; international cooperation in the energy sector; national regulatory developments in the banking sector, sovereign wealth funds and investor-State arbitration.
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Deals with the most significant and up-to-date topics of the subjectGives evenness to the framework in each part to maintain a coherent structure of the overall workInternationally recognized authorsContributors from all over the world to ensure a global dimension of the work