Adimurthi / Sandeep / Schindler / Tintarev

Concentration Analysis and Applications to PDE

ICTS Workshop, Bangalore, January 2012
2013. Buch. X, 156 S.: 118 s/w-Abbildungen, 1 Farbabbildung, Bibliographien. Hardcover
Birkhäuser ISBN 978-3-0348-0372-4
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Concentration analysis provides, in settings without a priori available compactness, a manageable structural description for the functional sequences intended to approximate solutions of partial differential equations. Since the introduction of concentration compactness in the 1980s, concentration analysis today is formalized on the functional-analytic level as well as in terms of wavelets, extends to a wide range of spaces, involves much larger class of invariances than the original Euclidean rescalings and has a broad scope of applications to PDE. This book represents current research in concentration and blow-up phenomena from various perspectives, with a variety of applications to elliptic and evolution PDEs, as well as a systematic functional-analytic background for concentration phenomena, presented by profile decompositions based on wavelet theory and cocompact imbeddings.



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Unique collection of contributions of experts from different areas of analysis Presents a variety of approaches to concentration and blow-up phenomena in PDE Contains also survey articles aimed to help the reader’s orientation in a diverse and complicated array of methods