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The Sociolinguistics of English and Nigerian Languages

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2009. Buch. 306 S. Softcover

LINCOM. ISBN 978-3-89586-579-4

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: LINCOM Studies in Sociolinguistics; 06


This book addresses issues bordering on the long-standing co-existence of English and Nigerian languages. For about two centuries, English and Nigerian languages have co-existed and played complementary roles in meeting the communicative and pragmatic needs of the people.

The co-existence of English and Nigerian languages offers a prolific field of enquiry especially in matters relating to pedagogy, language attitude, language shift, language endangerment etc. The eighteen-chapter book therefore, carefully handles topics such as, the English language in the outer circle, the problem of language and implications for national integration, the English language and the colonization of African languages, language attitude, globalization and the survival of Nigerian heritage, the nativization of English in Nigeria, the English Language in Nigerian Universities etc.

The authors generally treat the implications of the co-existence of English and Nigerian languages. As pointed out in the work, English in Nigeria could be said to be a blessing as it opens up the country to the gains of globalization. On the other hand, the overwhelming positive attitude to English in Nigeria is a serious threat to the survival and growth of indigenous languages and the Nigerian cultural heritage.


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