Hazardous Wastes, Industrial Disasters, and Environmental Health Risks

Local and Global Environmental Struggles
2011 2015. Buch. xix, 235 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Palgrave Macmillan ISBN 978-1-137-51776-0
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The sociology of hazardous waste, risk, and disasters is a relatively new discipline. This book focuses on hazardous and toxic wastes releases, industrial toxic disasters, contamination of communities and the environment, and the subsequent adverse health effects among exposed populations
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Author is located near two major environmental disasters within the last decade and has a unique vantage point The sociological impact of natural disasters and environmental waste will only increase Integrates sociological perspectives with perspectives from other disciplines in the discussion of the problems posed by technological hazards both in advanced industrialized societies and in underdeveloped world Offers longitudinal data and analysis of various kinds of waste