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Adelson-Velsky / Arlazarov / Donskoy

Algorithms for Games

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2011. Buch. x, 197 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-1-4612-8355-3

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Algorithms for Games aims to provide a concrete example of the programming of a two-person game with complete information, and to demonstrate some of the methods of solutions; to show the reader that it is profitable not to fear a search, but rather to undertake it in a rational fashion, make a proper estimate of the dimensions of the "catastrophe", and use all suitable means to keep it down to a reasonable size. The book is dedicated to the study of methods for limiting the extent of a search. The game programming problem is very well suited to the study of the search problem, and in general for multi-step solution processes. With this in mind, the book focuses on the programming of games as the best means of developing the ideas and methods presented. While many of the examples are related to chess, only an elementary knowledge of the game is needed.


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