Salako or Badameà

Sketch Grammar, Text and Lexicon of a Kanayatn Dialect in West Borneo
2005. Buch. X, 328 S. Hardcover
Harrassowitz ISBN 978-3-447-05102-6
Format (B x L): 17 x 24 cm
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Salako, or bahasa Badameà as it is often called, is spoken in the northwestern tip of Borneo on both sides of the Malaysian-Indonesian border running through this area. It is a dialect of Kanayatn (Kendayan), a major Dayak language and one of the principal languages of West Kalimantan Province (Indonesian Borneo).
The present volume contains a short grammatical description of Salako as well as a lexicon and a body of texts with translation (consisting of folk stories and fairly detailed accounts of local traditions).
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