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Addressing Environmental Challenges Through Spatial Planning

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Urbanization is giving rise to environmental concerns including urban flooding, which generally occurs due to the construction of houses in the low-lying areas; loss of green cover leading to a disturbance in the ecological cycle; water scarcity due to growing needs; and deforestation leading to habitat fragmentation, wildlife corridors disturbance, forest fires, and climate change. In order to correct these issues, a consolidated balance between human, nature, and spatial aspects must be resolved and spatial solutions integrated on a common platform.

Addressing Environmental Challenges Through Spatial Planning is devoted to addressing environmental concerns and technology innovations in domains such as pollution, water insecurity, and resources management. This text works to bridge the gap between engineering considerations and spatial aspects of planning. Covering topics such as sustainable housing, environmental restoration, and air emissions, this text is essential for environmental engineers, planning researchers, faculty, environmental and civil administrators, architects, consultants, environmental activists, town and country planning organizations, and professionals in all industries who aspire to have an environmentally friendly atmosphere and to provide a sustainable way of dealing with the environment in their respective domains for process efficiency and cost optimization.

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