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Titanium and its Alloys

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Trans Tech Publications. ISBN 978-3-03835-794-0

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The proceedings of the 12th National Scientific Conference ?Ti-2015? contains 35 peer-reviewed articles from 16 Polish scientific centres which cover a wide range of basic and applied aspects of the research, modelling, processing and application of titanium and its alloys. The conference ?Titanium and its alloys? is biannual national conference that has been held in Poland since 1990. It is an occasion to bring together scientists and practitioners, exchange their knowledge and experiences. The aim of the proceedings is to develop and promote the use of titanium in technology and medicine. The presented contributions cover these main topics:

- Forming the structure and microstructure of titanium materials as well as their physical, chemical and mechanical properties
- Surface engineering, advanced technologies of surface and thermo-plastic treatment

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