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Sugar Makes You Stupid, Fat And Ill

Sugar Is Killing Us - Get Your Health Back!

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1. Auflage. 2021

84 S.

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Books on Demand. ISBN 978-3-7526-6352-5


These day's sugar can be found in everything, from your Sunday night spaghetti sauce to your favorite cough syrup... it's everywhere, and the insidious proliferation of added sugar is only increasing. Sugar, also known by many other names including sucrose, can occur naturally in many foods, yet it is the added sucrose that acts as the diabolical saboteur of diets and health everywhere. In truth, this sweet treat is the stuff of nightmares... and it is slowly killing you.

Added sugar not only increases your risk of developing diabetes, it also breeds an environment in your body ripe for cancer, mineral deficiencies, tooth decay and weight gain. The damage this seemingly innocent molecule can inflict on your health extends far past this small list, leaving only one logical conclusion - you have to stop eating added sugar, today. No small feat, but one that will benefit almost every aspect of your life, and one that is possible with the proper encouragement, knowledge and help. This book walks you through the process of eliminating sugar from your diet, what you can expect when you stop, how you will feel, how to avoid added sugar in everyday foods and how to continue the journey to optimal health.

Sugar is holding you back - but it doesn't have to.

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