Adams / Layton

Introductory MEMS

Fabrication and Applications
2010 2014. Buch. xvi, 444 S.: 20 s/w-Tabelle, Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-1-4899-8421-0
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Introductory MEMS: Fabrication and Applications is a practical introduction to MEMS for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Part I introduces the student to the most commonly used MEMS fabrication techniques as well as the MEMS devices produced using these techniques. Part II focuses on MEMS transducers: principles of operation, modeling from first principles, and a detailed look at commercialized MEMS devices, in addition to microfluidics. Multiple field-tested laboratory exercises are included, designed to facilitate student learning about the fundamentals of microfabrication processes. References, suggested reading, review questions, and homework problems are provided at the close of each chapter.

Introductory MEMS: Fabrication and Applications is an excellent introduction to the subject, with a tested pedagogical structure and an accessible writing style suitable for students at an advanced undergraduate level across academic disciplines.



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One of the first texts written that is accessible to undergraduate technical majors regardless of specific discipline Describes sensors, actuators, and microfluidics, and their relationship with MEMS Includes laboratory exercises designed to facilitate student learning about the basic microfabrication processes Provides review questions and problems at the end of each chapter to summarize learning objectives