Adams / Brindley

Teaching Secondary English with ICT

2007. Buch. 152 S. Softcover
Open University Press ISBN 978-0-335-21444-0
Format (B x L): 15,4 x 23 cm
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How can secondary English teaching and learning be enhanced by the use of ICT?What is the current research knowledge about teaching and learning secondary English with ICT?What good examples of using ICT in secondary English can be found in classrooms nationally and internationally?Teaching Secondary English with ICT uses best practice and research based findings to examine the potential of ICT in English teaching. It explores examples of successful work involving the use of ICT in speaking, listening, reading and writing, with a focus on the new literacies and how ICT shapes new language and literature experiences with in the English classroom.Drawing on the expertise of international figures in the field, classroom teachers and academic researchers; the book highlights ‘good practice’ in accessible discussions on research findings, with an emphasis on the interplay between classroom and theoretical approaches across a number of countries.Inviting critical engagement with key ideas on teaching with ICT, this book is essential reading for teachers and teachers in training, as well as other education professionals.
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