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Adam / Schwarz

Vistas for Geodesy in the New Millennium

IAG 2001 Scientific Assembly, Budapest, Hungary, September 2-7, 2001

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2002. Buch. xvii, 622 S. 171 s/w-Tabelle, Bibliographien. Hardcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-540-43454-2

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This volume contains 102 papers from the IAG Scientific Assembly, held on the premises of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest from 2nd to 7th September, 2001. These assemblies are designed to give an integrated view of geodetic activities to a broad spectrum of researchers and practitioners in geodesy and geophysics. At this meeting, which emphasized new vistas, a total of 380 papers were presented in four symposia and three special sessions. The topics embraced: - Fine-tuning Reference Frame Implementation - From Eötvös to Satellite Gradiometry - New Vistas in Measuring and Modeling the Earth's Gravity Field - Geometry and Beyond - Using Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNNS) in New Ways - Modeling Earth's Processes and Global Change Of the 380 papers presented, about 100 were selected for review and publication in this volume. They are representative of this meeting in that they present current research areas in geodesy to the interested geophysicist and new research challenges to the geodetic specialist.


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