Achenbach / Albertz / Wöhrle

The Foreigner and the Law

Perspectives from the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East
2011. Buch. VIII, 180 S. Hardcover
Harrassowitz ISBN 978-3-447-06470-5
Format (B x L): 17 x 24 cm
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The anthology "The Foreigner and the Law" is concerned with the status of foreigners in law according to biblical and Ancient Near Eastern traditions. The essays deal with the differentiation between certain groups of foreigners such as foreign workers, refugees who came to the land because of economic distress, or foreigners who wanted to stay permanently. Another focus is on foreigners’ rights with respect to their welfare, and on the possibilities of their social and cultic participation and integration. The volume contains contributions by Reinhard Achenbach, Rainer Albertz, Volker Haarmann, Thomas Naumann, Christophe Nihan, Saul Olyan, Susanne Paulus, Bruce Wells and Jakob Wöhrle.
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