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Acedo / Llamas

The Genus Bromus L. (Poaceae) in the Iberian Peninsula

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1999. Buch. 293 S. 3 s/w-Tabelle, 80 Statistiken. Softcover

Borntraeger. ISBN 978-3-443-78004-3

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Phanerogamarum Monographiae; 22


This publication presents a comprehensive treatment of the genus Bromus L. and its occurrences on the Iberian Peninsula. Previously, Bromus had only been given limited attention in a number of floras (e.g. Willkomm, 1861; Losa Espana, 1961). A complete review of literature on the subject is used as the base of this review of Bromus, and nearly 4000 specimens of Bromus were studied and compared to other Bromus specimens from outside the Iberian Penisula. All taxons encountered are listed with their correct names according to ICBN, author and bibliograhic reference of the protologue, synonyms where applicable and description of locotype. The taxonomic characteristics of the individual are listed documented. Morphological data include the anatomical description of leaves, culms and epidermis and pollen (where studied). The similarities and differences of related taxa are shown, describing the variability, number of chromosomes, ecological and phytosociological behaviour. The data are complemented by maps showing the distribution of Bromus-taxa on the Iberian Peninsula. A list of sampling locations of the specimens is provided, documenting the location (UTM coordinates), country, gathering date, ecology, collector and the sheet number of the respective herbarium.


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