Accardi / Hui-Hsiung Kuo / Obata / Saito / Si Si / Streit

Recent Developments in Infinite-Dimensional Analysis and Quantum Probability

Papers in Honour of Takeyuki Hida’s 70th Birthday
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Reprinted from ACTA APPLICANDAE MATHEMATICAE, 63:1-3 2001. Buch. vi, 464 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-0-7923-7016-1
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Recent Developments in Infinite-Dimensional Analysis and Quantum Probability is dedicated to Professor Takeyuki Hida on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The book is more than a collection of articles. In fact, in it the reader will find a consistent editorial work, devoted to attempting to obtain a unitary picture from the different contributions and to give a comprehensive account of important recent developments in contemporary white noise analysis and some of its applications. For this reason, not only the latest results, but also motivations, explanations and connections with previous work have been included.
The wealth of applications, from number theory to signal processing, from optimal filtering to information theory, from the statistics of stationary flows to quantum cable equations, show the power of white noise analysis as a tool. Beyond these, the authors emphasize its connections with practically all branches of contemporary probability, including stochastic geometry, the structure theory of stationary Gaussian processes, Neumann boundary value problems, and large deviations.



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