Abzug / Herman

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgical Emergencies

2014. Buch. xii, 240 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-1-4899-8734-1
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Emergency care of pediatric orthopedic surgical emergencies is often provided by orthopedic surgeons who primarily treat adults. Pediatric Orthopedic Surgical Emergencies is designed to provide the essential information needed to safely evaluate and treat the most common surgical emergencies in pediatric orthopedic surgery. Each emergency scenario includes the keys to patient evaluation, operative considerations, and expected complications. Each contributor provides technical pearls and tips based on their preferences and clinical experience in this area. Topics covered run the gamut from trauma (including the mangled extremity and compartment syndrome) to individual body regions (the spine, upper and lower extremities) to infection and other conditions. Pediatric Orthopedic Surgical Emergencies is a convenient, illustrated guide to procedures that can be challenging to those physicians who treat pediatric patients infrequently.



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Each chapter contains radiographs, clinical photographs and line drawings Includes practical tips drawn from the editors’ clinical experience Clear and concise text
Herausgegeben von: link iconJoshua M. Abzug und link iconMartin J. Herman