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Abu-Rub / Iqbal / Guzinski

High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab/Simulink

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wiley. ISBN 978-1-119-59078-1


The 2nd edition of the book will include some new and popular topics related to AC motor drive systems, including a chapter dedicated to ?Medium Voltage Drives?, which will cover the state-of-the-art and new challenges in the industrial drive system. In present practice, high power, medium voltage drive is popular in industries. Different components, their design, modelling, control and simulation of ?Medium Voltage Drives? will also be included. A new class of inverter (DC-AC converter) called impedance source inverter (Z-source) is becoming popular for use in solar Photovoltaic application and, due to increasing use of Z-source inverters in such applications, a chapter on this topic will also be in the new edition. Fault detection and diagnosis of motors is an integral part of any large power drive systems. Condition monitoring of electric motors became a popular research topic in the past decade, due to increasing demand for continuous operation in mechanical drive applications. Considering the importance of fault monitoring and diagnosis, one new chapter will be included.

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