Media Literacy, Social Networking, and the Web 2.0 Environment for the K-12 Educator

2011. Buch. XVIII, 189 S. Hardcover
Peter Lang New York ISBN 978-1-4331-1009-2
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This book, a resource for educators, uses the theme of media literacy as a lens through which to view and discuss social networking and Web 2.0 environments. There is ongoing and positive research on the participatory culture created by youth who are heavily involved in the new digital technologies, yet schools tend to avoid these mediums for fear of the unknown. Can students learn within this context? This book posits that indeed they can, using media literacy as a way to provide a framework for these mediated environments. The book serves as a forum for educators and those interested in the field of media literacy, digital, and social technologies, who seek to bridge curriculum connections as well as understand the online culture of students.
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