Focus on Germanic Typology

Bd. 6
2005. Buch. 360 S. Softcover
Akademie Verlag ISBN 978-3-05-004106-3
Format (B x L): 17 x 24 cm
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Aus dem Inhalt: Werner Abraham und Gert Webelhuth Words of dedication for Hartmut Czepluch Werner Abraham Introduction John H. McWhorter What happened to English? Halldór Ármann Sigurdsson Agree and Agreement - Evidence from Germanic Jóhanna Barddal The semantics of the impersonal construction in Icelandic, German and Faroese: beyond thematic roles Cedric Boeckx und Kleanthes K. Grohmann Left dislocation in Germanic Jac C. Conradie Verb sequence and placement: Afrikaans and Dutch compared Hartmut Czepluch ((Sterbezeichen)) Reflections on the form and function of passives in English and German Molly Diesing The upper functional domain in Yiddish Bridget Drinka Präteritumschwund: evidence for areal difussion Werner Abraham The European demise of the simple past and the emergence of the periphrastic perfect: Areal diffusion or natural, autonomous evolution under parsing facilitation? László Molnárfi Some remarks on the formal typology of pronouns in West Germanic Rolf Thieroff The subjunctive mood in German and in the Germanic languages



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