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Abraham / Jas / Russell

The Web Empowerment Book

An Introduction and Connection Guide to the Internet and the World-Wide Web

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1995. Buch. xxxi, 192 S. 96 s/w-Abbildungen, Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-0-387-94431-9

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After many years of daily UNIX and Internet activity, we came to be enthusiasts of the World-Wide Web while trying to choose an authoring system for a CD-ROM project. We decided to use Web software for the CD-ROM, thus seamlessly integrating the two dis­ joint worlds of CD-ROM publishing and the Internet. We are grate­ ful to our publisher, Allan M. Wylde, for the initiative leading to that idea and then to this book. As we enter the third millennium and complete the computer revo­ lution, our future will depend on our creative actions taken today. The politics of cyberspace, our future world, are being determined now by those who are already empowered with full cyberfunction­ ality on the Internet - which today means the multimedia browsing capabilities of the WWW.theWorld-WideWeb.Itis urgent that concerned people extend themselves as soon as possible into this new world, to participate in the creation of the future. Our purpose in presenting this introduction and empowerment package is to enable as many people as possible to attain this level of citizenship in the future. Turn on, boot up, and jack in! The future is ours to create. xi Software Bundles Here is a minimal suite of software for WWW connection, as described in the Bootstrap chapters in part 2 of this book. Macintosh Level 2: • MacTCpl, from Apple Dealers • t InterSlip, from InterCon and free over the Internet.


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