Clifford Algebras

Applications to Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering
2003. Buch. xxiv, 626 S.: 3 s/w-Tabelle, Bibliographien. Hardcover
Birkhäuser ISBN 978-0-8176-3525-1
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The invited papers in this volume provide a detailed examination of Clifford algebras and their significance to analysis, geometry, mathematical structures, physics, and applications in engineering. While the papers collected in this volume require that the reader possess a solid knowledge of appropriate background material, they lead to the most current research topics. With its wide range of topics, well-established contributors, and excellent references and index, this book will appeal to graduate students and researchers.
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Current volume consists of invited papers, all written by experts in the field Covers a wide range of applications of Clifford algebras to pure mathematics, physics, and engineering Ablamowicz has a good Birkh(ae)user track record
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