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Abidi / Xu

Advanced Discrete-Time Control

Designs and Applications

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2015. 2015

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Springer-Verlag GmbH. ISBN 9789812874788

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Studies in Systems, Decision and Control


This book covers a wide spectrum of systems such as linear and nonlinear multivariable systems as well as control problems such as disturbance, uncertainty and time-delays. The purpose of this book is to provide researchers and practitioners a manual for the design and application of advanced discrete-time controllers.?The book presents six different control approaches depending on the type of system and control problem. The first and second approaches are based on Sliding Mode control (SMC) theory and are intended for linear systems with exogenous disturbances. The third and fourth approaches are based on adaptive control theory and are aimed at linear/nonlinear systems with periodically varying parametric uncertainty or systems with input delay. The fifth approach is based on Iterative learning control (ILC) theory and is aimed at uncertain linear/nonlinear systems with repeatable tasks and the final approach is based on fuzzy logic control (FLC) and is intended for highly uncertain systems with heuristic control knowledge. Detailed numerical examples are provided?in?each chapter?to?illustrate the design procedure for each control method.?A number of practical control applications are also presented?to show?the?problem solving process and effectiveness with?the advanced discrete-time control approaches introduced in this book.

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