South African Jazz Culture:

Texts, Contexts, and Subtexts
2017. Buch. 188 S. Softcover
VWB Vlg. F. Wissenschaft ISBN 978-3-86135-914-2
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Contents: +++ Articles * Nishlyn Ramanna: Introduction: Discursive Flows in South African Jazz Studies-Texts, Contexts, and Subtexts * Christopher Linn Merz: Tracing the Development of the South African Alto Saxophone Style * Jeffrey Brukman: Shifts and Turns in Paul Hanmer's Nachtroep: A Close Musical Analysis * Lindelwa Dalamba: A Sideman on the Frontlines: Gwigwi Mrwebi and South African Jazz History * Salim Washington: Fingering the Jagged Grain: The Jazz/Blues/Mbaqanga Impulse of Mandla Langa * Brett Pyper: Jazz Festivals and the Post-Apartheid Public Sphere: Historical Precedents and the Contemporary Limits of Freedom * Gwen Ansell: Who's Got the Map? Scholarship, Journalism and Essentialism in Writing on South African Jazz +++ Book Reviews (Eva-Maria Alexandra van Straaten, ed.) * Michael T. Bertrand: James Wierzbicki, Music in the Age of Anxiety: American Music in the Fifties (2016) * Emily Baker: Miriama Young, Singing the Body Electric: The Human Voice and Sound Technology (2015) * Koray Degirmenci: Martin Greve (ed.), Writing the History of "Ottoman Music" (2015) * Jehoash Hirshberg: Ruth F. Davis (ed.), Musical Exodus: Al-Andalus and its Jewish Diasporas (2015) * Moshe Morad: Stephen Amico, Roll Over, Tchaikovsky! Russian Popular Music and Post-Soviet Homosexuality (2014) * Martin Greve: Anna Magdalena Schmidt, Die imaginäre Grenze. Eine Untersuchung zur Bedeutung von Musik für Jugendliche türkischer Herkunft in Deutschland und ihre Verortung im Diskurs der interkulturell orientierten Musikpädagogik (2015) * Michelle Duffy: Jared Mackley-Crump, The Pacific Festivals of Aotearora New Zealand: Negotiating Place and Identity in a New Homeland (2015) * Charissa Granger: Ed Pavlic, Who Can Afford to Improvise? James Baldwin and Black Music, the Lyric and the Listeners (2016) * Megan Rancier: Tanya Merchant, Women Musicians of Uzbekistan: From Courtyard to Conservatory (2015) * Anne K. Rasmussen: Lisa Urkevich, Music and Traditions of the Arabian Peninsula: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar (2015) +++ Recording Reviews (Robert Fry, ed.) * Robert Fry: Tell the Truth!: Blues and Gospel by Richard Williams. Produced by the State Library and Archives of Florida (2016) * Robert Fry Where the Palm Trees Shake at Night: Blues Music from the Florida Folklife Collection. Produced by the State Library and Archives of Florida (2010) +++ About the Contributors +++ the world of music (new series)
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