Lasers in Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery: Fundamentals and Techniques

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2011. Buch. xvi, 480 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
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Following the advent of percutaneous balloon vel oped and are available for clinical use, as well angioplasty, interventional cardiovascular pro­ as those that are still in investigational phases. cedures have become of great interest to the Clinical case reports are presented by expert in­ cardiologist, radiologist, and cardiovascular vestigators on the use of various catheter systems surgeon. One of the most extensively explored in the coronary and peripheral circulation. alternatives to bypass surgery is laser-mediated Part V (Chapters 17-23) is the most up-to­ angioplasty. The fascination with laser radia­ date review of the clinical experience with vari­ tion has greatly contributed to its popularity, ous laser delivery systems. There is an emphasis but has also burdened it with unrealistic ex­ on patient selection, criteria for lesion choice, pectations. Many commercial laser systems are and follow-up data. A detailed description of available to the clinician and the researcher, laser recanalization techniques is presented for which often makes the choice of a laser system the various systems in the clinical setting.



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