The Psalms of Solomon and the Messianic Ethics of Paul

2016. Buch. XV, 355 S. Softcover
Mohr Siebeck ISBN 978-3-16-153991-6
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Frantisek Ábel explores one of the topical issues of Paul's theology, namely the role and influence of the Jewish Pseudo-epigraphs, literature written during Greek and early Roman periods (4th century BCE to the 2nd century CE), on Paul's theological thinking. Within this corpus the idea of eschatological concepts, such as the concept regarding the coming of the Messiah and the Last Judgment in particular, arises frequently. It is similar in the case of the Psalms of Solomon with the Last Judgment as the main topic of this pseudepigraphon. Through close analysis and exploration of particular parts of this work, the author proposes that this deuterocanonical writing could form a considerable background for the proper understanding of Paul's messianic ethics. From this point of view, Paul's teaching on justification should be understood as one that is reflective of God's grace, while at the same time expressing faith and deeds as necessary for salvation.
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