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Advances in Spatial Databases

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1993. Buch. xv, 537 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
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The Third International Symposium on Large Spatial Databases
(SSD '93) was held at the National University of Singapore
in June 1993. The previous meetings of the series were at
Sanata Barbara (1989) and Zurich (1991). The meetings are
planned as a forum for researchers and practitioners
specializing in database theory for and advanced
applications of Spatial Information Systems.
This volume constitutes the proceedings of the symposium. It
contains 25 selected papersand three keynotes papers:

"Spatial data management in database systems: research
directions" (W. Kim), "From extensible databases to
interoperability between multiple databases and GIS
applications" (H.-J. Schek), and "The SEQUOIA 2000 project"
(M. Stonebraker). The selectedpapers are collected into
sections on: data modeling, spatial indexing, indexing
mechanisms, handling of raster and vector data, spatial
database systems, topology, storage management, query
retrieval,knowledge engineering in SDS, and 3-dimensional
data handling.



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