Abeck / Burgdorf / Cremer

Common Skin Diseases in Children

Diagnosis and Management
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2012. Buch. x, 167 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Steinkopff ISBN 978-3-642-62417-9
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A thorough presentation of the most common skin diseases of children. Each chapter gives the differential diagnostic possibilities in a table. Treatment is shown in considerable detail, reflecting the current literature as well as clinical experience. The scientific names of all recommended medications are given so that the book can be used by readers around the globe. Tips are included for the treating physician on how to best tailor the various therapy regimens and anticipate the course of the disease. Recent advances in dermatologic therapy are included. The appendix contains detailed practical information.



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Focuses on the most common skin diseases Collaberation of dermatology/pediatric doctors Clear therapeutic concept: 'This is how to do it' Practical, time-saving way to make the work easier via the summary of the most important antibiotics, antihistamines and glucocorticoids with information for age-specific dosing in the appendix