Arabic Stylistics

A Coursebook
Print on Demand-Nachdruck 2001. Buch. 164 S. Softcover
Harrassowitz ISBN 978-3-447-04435-6
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Arabic has been taught as a foreign language throughout the world. Yet, no book has been available for teachers and students that illustrates to them the stylistic mechanism of Arabic. This shows the urgent need for a reference book on Arabic stylistics that can develop the student’s stylistic competence as well as enhance his/her writing and communication skills needed for this vital modern language. Arabic Stylistics: A Coursebook aims to help the learner to acquire sound awareness of the recurrent structural patterns of modern standard Arabic and develop his/her analytical stylistic skills. This coursebook is also of great value to the teachers of Arabic as a foreign language who need this particular book to assist them in developing their students’ practical ability and understanding of Arabic. This coursebook is written in a smooth language and is supported by generous examples with their translation in English. Arabic Stylistics: A Coursebook is highly beneficial for both teachers and learners of Arabic as a foreign language.
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